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Black Tea Latte


If you enjoy milky black teas or mild lattes then this might be for you. Black tea lattes can be made with regular black tea but using a black tea powder like our Ground Kocha is so much easier and makes an extra thick and malty beverage.

The method is pretty simple, you’re basically heating milk and combining it with the powder, but like a good coffee, it’s the subtleties that make it great. Use your preferred milk (or make your own) but obviously the thicker your milk, the creamier your latte will be. Being in Australia we find macadamia milk is perfect for lattes but almond milk is also fine as long as it’s a thick one. You want to avoid boiling most milks as they can burn, split or curdle. Also, milk that’s too hot can turn the tea itself a little bitter.

As for sweeteners, use as little or as much as you like. We find coconut sugar – which is available most places nowadays – to have a perfectly mellow, nutty sweetness that balances the malty black tea flavour well. Brown cane sugar will also work well.

If you don’t have a frother you could probably use a stick blender but really, frothers like the Aerolatte go for around $12 in department stores or on Amazon and make your latte a bit more special.



1 Tbsp Kocha Powder

1 cup Milk 

1 tsp Sugar 




frother or stick blender



small bowl (or large cup)



Heat milk of your choice in saucepan. Take it off the heat just before it boils.

Sieve black tea powder into bowl and add sugar

Add a dash of the milk – enough to cover the Kocha Powder – and whisk until dissolved. Pour into cup

Froth remaining milk in saucepan and pour into cup over Kocha/sugar mixture


You could try adding other flavours like cinnamon or cloves to this, or try the same method using other tea powders like Matcha or Ground Hojicha. Remember though if you do use matcha you want to be extra careful about the temperature as milk that’s over 70°C will really turn a good matcha bitter. Let us know how you go and what flavour combinations you come up with.



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