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We both have long backgrounds in hospitality, Leaf behind the bar and Alex in the kitchen. Sharing a love for fun, clean and humble food one of the things we found in common was a love for tea as an ingredient, whether in cocktails like black tea infused gin, in desserts like moist hojicha tea cake or in savoury dished like green tea soba noodles.

This brought our attention to Asia – where green tea & whisky cocktails are responsible for Chivas Regal’s biggest sales in the region – and more specifically to Japan where using tea as an ingredient goes back centuries, matcha having been used in traditional preparation of things like mochi pounded rice sweets and soba buckwheat noodles.

We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with a producer of high grade Japanese teas who has displayed an incredible level of integrity and pride in their products and helped us make some of the finest high grade Japanese teas available here, some previously unavailable outside of Japan.

Alongside these teas we are happy to be able to share ideas and recipes that we have gathered through years of work, travel and experimentation. We’re all about combining classics in cool new ways and tea is the unexpected ingredient perfect for binging our food and beverage worlds together.

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