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Ground Hojicha is green tea that has been roasted at high temperatures over charcoal, then stone-ground in the same mills used to make matcha. It has a deep caramel aroma, a toasted nutty flavour and a dark reddish brown colour.

It can be used the same way as Matcha; whisked with a small amount of hot water or combined with your favourite milk for a rich, full bodied beverage with deep roasted aromas, more reminiscent of coffee than the vegetal flavours of Matcha.

The caffeine content in ground Hojicha is considerably less than in Matcha, due mainly to the roasting process, making it appropriate to have in the evening.

Our Ground Hojicha

Our Hojicha Powder is produced in Uji, the centre for production of matcha and other high-grade teas. It is finely ground from loose leaf Hojicha tea in traditional stone mills in the same way that Matcha is produced from Tencha.


We love using Hojicha when making lattes and shakes as well as when cooking in cakes and desserts, as the roasted caramel aroma combines well with so many other flavours.

To make a roasted-tea latte warm a cup of your preferred milk in a pot and sift a tablespoon of Hojicha powder into a bowl along with a teaspoon of your favourite sweetener. Add a small amount of the milk at first and whisk untill well combined. Use a frother or stick-blender to aerate and thicken the remaining milk and add to the mixture.

Warm 1 cup of milk in a pot.

Sift 1Tbsp Ground Hojicha into bowl.

Whisk with a small amount of milk and sweetener.

Froth the remaining milk.

Add to bowl.


Alternatively, add to a smoothie with your milk of choice and some frozen fruit for a chilled treat.

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