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Uji Matcha 30g


Green tea shade-grown and stone-ground in Uji, this Matcha is soft and velvety with a deep malty sweetness.



Matcha is shade-grown, stone-ground green tea with a host of traditional practices around the way it is grown, processed and consumed.

Our Premium Matcha comes from Uji – where shade-growing is thought to have originated- and has a deep, malty aroma with deeply sweet undertones. It is rich and velvety in texture and perfectly suited for both Usucha and Koicha styles of preparation.

Shade-growing increases levels of chlorophyl, caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine, while reducing levels of catechins, which are the source of astringency in green teas. The bitter stems are removed from the flat-dried leaves before grinding in stone mills to create the fine powder. This must be done incredibly slowly to avoid heating the leaves, as that would change the aroma and flavour.


Preparing matcha in the traditional way involves sifting the powder then whisking with a small amount of warm water (water that is too hot releases tannins that will produce bitterness)

The ratio of powder to water can vary. Traditionally there are two ways: The first is very strong and thick – like the consistency of honey – and is made by mixing 1tsp of matcha with 1.5 shots (40ml) of hot water. This is known as koicha.

The second way is much thinner and weaker, with a 1/2tsp of matcha being mixed with around 2.5 shots (75ml) hot water – basically doubling the liquid and halving the powder of the first method. This is known as usucha.

Everyone has their own taste though and you’ll quickly determine what works for you without the need for precise measurements.

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Weight 75 g
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 cm


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