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Tea + Bottle Set


One of our Tea Bottles plus either our Kocha Black Tea or our Organic Sencha.



Choose either our 370ml Bamboo, our 310ml Glass or our 450ml BPA free Glass bottles plus a 100g pack of either our Organic Sencha Green Tea or our High-grade Kocha Black Tea. Both great for hot or iced teas.


Our Kocha has been sourced especially for us from the island of Kyushu. It is produced from a high-grade tea cultivar called Benifuki which is grown in Japan specifically for making black tea. Distinctly Japanese, it is naturally mellow and medium-bodied with a smooth oaky aroma and a rich, nutty flavour with chocolate undertones.


Our Organic Sencha is grown, steamed and hand-rolled in Kagoshima. Hand-rolling ensures the opening of cell walls so that more of the leaf is infused into the tea, and steaming gives it a deep green colour, a fresh, sweet aroma and a crisp, vegetal flavour. The first spring harvest yields the highest quality leaves with the largest concentration of nutrients and these are the leaves used to make Sencha. 

Tea Bottles

These tea bottles are great for taking hot or chilled teas out with you for the day.

The double-walled borosilicate glass is extra strong and resistant to thermal shock, so it can handle high or low temperatures and still be comfortable to hold.

The stainless steel filter in the 310ml glass or the 370ml bamboo bottles can be used either to hold the tea leaves and discard when brewed to your liking, or to keep the leaves in the tea and filter as you drink.

The 450ml bottle uses FDA approved silicon for the seal inside the bamboo lid, making it 100% BPA free. It comes with a two-piece stainless steel infuser that can be used in one of two ways: either whole as an infuser with the tea leaves enclosed inside, or just the small part to filter tea leaves as you drink.


For hot tea simply pour hot water straight into the bottle, with 1Tbsp tea leaves in the infuser or filter. Remove leaves when brewed to your liking. If you prefer a mellower green tea, allow the water to cool for around 5 minutes first.

For chilled teas, add cold water and 1Tbsp tea leaves to the bottle and allow to stand in the fridge overnight. It will be ready to take straight from the fridge in the morning. Alternatively, if you’re in a rush, half fill the bottle with hot water and then top up with ice after brewing the tea for a few minutes.

Additional information

Weight 660 g
Dimensions 13 x 12 x 30 cm

Sencha Green Tea, Kocha Black Tea


370ml Bamboo, 310ml Glass, 450ml BPA Free Glass


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