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Bamboo Tea Bottle 370ml


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This 370ml bamboo & stainless steel flask keeps your hot tea hot and your chilled tea cool.


This gorgeous bamboo & stainless steel flask is great for taking hot or chilled teas out with you for the day.

The one-piece filter can be used either to hold the tea leaves and discard when brewed to your liking, or to keep the leaves in the tea and filter as you drink.

If you enjoy chilled teas these are great for slow-infusing in the fridge overnight, ready to go in the morning.

They are just as handy for hot tea: simply pour water in straight from the boil, add the tea leaves into the filter and remove when brewed to your liking.

Made from bamboo and stainless steel with plastic base & inside lid.

Additional information

Weight 330 g
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 22 cm


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