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We’ve spent the last year or so putting this all together and are really happy to be able to present it to you now.

During our time in kitchens and bars we’ve always been into tea, not just as a hot beverage but also chilled in iced teas, cocktails and desserts.

Sora Tea started with us trying to source some fine teas for our own use, specifically Gyokuro – a shade-grown green tea with a subtly sweet flavour, as well as ceremonial Matcha which, despite it’s recent popularity, proved difficult to find in a true high-grade.

After some searching we found a Japanese supplier through an old hospitality contact who was able to help. One of the things we became curious about during this search was Kocha or Japanese black tea, which our supplier kindly sought out on our behalf.

This had us pondering the idea of a black tea powder – something like matcha but made using black tea instead of green. It really makes so much sense, as black tea has a flavour that we know pairs well with other food and drink, perhaps even more so than green tea with it’s vegetal aroma.

Although our supplier had never heard of a black tea powder, he found a manufacturer who was willing to use stone mills to grind some down for us – and that’s one of the things we now have available for you here.

Together we’ve curated a selection of amazing high-grade Japanese teas and we’re really keen to share a bunch of our tea-based food and drink recipes and ideas with you here so watch this space.

Black Tea Latte

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