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Ground Hojicha 40g


Finely ground roasted green tea powder with a deeply caramelised aroma and toasted, nutty flavour.


Hojicha is green tea that has been roasted at high temperatures over charcoal giving it a deeply toasted caramel aroma and flavour and a dark reddish brown colour. Our Hojicha Powder is finely ground from loose leaf Hojicha tea in Uji stone mills in the same way that Matcha is produced from Tencha.

The caffeine content in ground Hojicha is considerably less than in Matcha, due mainly to the roasting process, which makes it appropriate to have in the evening.

Ground Hojicha can be used the same way as you would use Matcha; whisked with a small amount of hot water or combined with your favourite milk in lattes and shakes. The roasted caramel flavour also works extremely well in cakes and desserts.

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Weight 75 g
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 cm


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